Fidget spinners. Need we say more? The trend is seemingly at critical mass however so we feel like now is a good time if you have not bought one to get in on it. The team at has a assembled our favorite fidget spinners by a completely arbitrary rating scale and we hope you enjoy!

Innoo Tech Hands Spinner Figit Spinner – This fidget spinner has an immediate esthetic appeal with the solid shape and red copper colour. Average spin time is up to five minutes so you will be able to satisfy the fidgeting urges with one good spin.

Harry Potter Snitch Fidget Spinner – We love the themed fidget spinners and there are a LOT of them. The Snitch stands out among the bunch however and will have people asking where you got it.

Innoo Tech Colorful Hand Spinner Figit Spinner – This fidget spinner is another stand-out. With the solid build and nice colours it catches the eye and feels great. It boasts a spinn time of at least 3 minutes.

Golden Egg – This GOLDEN egg makes the list because it stands out from the standard triangular design. The aluminum alloy egg has internal bearings and is as fun to spin as it is satisfying to look at and hold.

Spreaze Fidget Spinner – hybrid ceramic bearings and a nice weight give this spinner a great feel and great durability.

The Classic – With all the unique designs and styles of the hundreds of different types of fidget spinners out there, one design remains ubiquitous with fidget spinner.

We hope you enjoyed checking out our selection of fidget spinner picks. As always if you have suggestions for topics or products you would like to see featured or if you would like your own product featured contact us here

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