Domestic Paradise

Is there no better feeling in the world than having your home exactly the way you like it?

that being said some of us have some work to do to get it there, but once its right its soooo worth it.

Be it throwing a party for twenty or curling up by the fire place alone, these products will make your home truly yours

DYSON BALL– Start with cleaning your space, but don’t worry. With the Dyson ball not only will cleaning be FAST you might actually enjoy it. The Dyson Ball features Dysons patented cyclone technology and suited for most all cleaning tasks. From carpet to hard wood and easily manoeuvred in between, you’ll also be able to reach high and low and in awkward spots with the detachable wand.

COMFORDAY MULTI-PURPOSE STEAM CLEANER– Once the Dyson has taken care of the dust on multiple surfaces, give yourself the peace of mind that everything is 100% cleaned of the things you cant see. The Comforday Multi-Purpose steam cleaner is chemical free and and suitable for many surfaces. Take the 1050w of steam cleaning power to floors, counters, toilets, tubs and showers and know that bacteria and scum have been dealt with… AHHH. Kit includes 9 accessories

The only things left that you’ll need are micro fibre clothes and this all-natural cleaner!!

DYSON PURE HOT COOL LINK AIR PURIFIER– Now your house is cleaned and sanitised its time to work on the ambience. The Dyson hot cool link will set your room to the perfect temperature, allow sufficient air circulation and filter and purify the air. The HEPA filter removes 99.97% of allergens and pollutants as small as 0.3 microns including pollen, dust, mold spores, bacteria and pet dander. The filter also has activated carbon to remove unwanted odour from the air. The Dyson hot cool link is also compatible with Amazons Alexa

PHILIPS HUE COLOUR A19 STARTER PACK– With the temperature and air perfectly calibrated you will now need to turn to lighting. Set the mood with these smart bulbs and choose intensity and up to 16 million colours. Control from anywhere via smart device and program these bulbs to your liking.

Add these awesome pillows, this throw, and these high quality soy candles for all the finishing touches to the ambience.

Entertaining, hosting, or staying in on a rainy day, coffee is always a must. Make the perfect cup every time, with the Nespresso VerturoLine, or at a slightly lower price point the Tassimo

With your home cleaned, and the air warm and purified. The lights turned low and the colour just right. The candles lit, a soft scent floating in the air, your home is finally perfect. hope you enjoy!!!

LOVE Toast_

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